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Schluesselmeister Keymaster by LuminaraUnduli
Schluesselmeister Keymaster
This drawing was inspired by the game "Edna &Harvey the breakout". I did it for an rpg. The keymaster is a dangerous serial killer, who escapes because he manages to steal the key.
About the admin; 

1. I am a nerd and proud of it :proud:

2. I live in Germany :icongermany:

3. I have scars from a bike accident on both arms :iconbike:

4. I enjoy art of all kinds, drawing, writing, and jewelry making. Etc.

5. My favorite snack food is chips.

6. My favorite animal is dog and snake :icondog: :iconsnake:

7. I enjoy stuffed animals and have LOTS.

8. I'm bad in every kind of sport :hate:

9. I love the night, moon, and the stars. And nature

10. I'm addicted to music :music:

11. I love writing fanfictions :love:

12. No morning without coffee :coffee:

13. And my favorite pet is my dog Flocke


1. If you have one or many, who is your favorite oc. And link if you don't mind: Lia check out the mh fanfic folder in my gallery

2. Do you have a specif shipping between characters, or oc's included? Usually not but i ship Jayssica JayxJessica

3. Do you have a favorite old world god? Loki, Thor, any others. Etc. Loki!!

4. Have any favorite video games and or movies? Alice Madness Returns

5. What is your favorite show? Supernatural and Sherlock

6. Who is your favorite actor? Mark Hamill

7. What if your zodiac sign? Sagittarius

8. What if your favorite animal? Dog

9. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Donate the half of it for people who need help

10. Whats your favorite food and drink? Spaghetti and Juice

11. Whats your favorite candy? Chips, chocolate ice cream

12. Do you have a favorite character, can be from anything and why? Tim Wright from Marble Hornets

13. If you could choose where to live, where would you and why? Where i am

My questions:

1. Have you traveled to another country?

2. How long do you stay up on the weekend?

3. Your opinion on disabled people?

  • Listening to: Dead Silence Soundtrack
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: coke


LuminaraUnduli's Profile Picture
My Name is Lia. I'm 16, a huge Alice Cooper and Suprnatural fan. I also like Horror stuff such as Marble Hornets and Creepypasta.

Tim Stamp by MetamorphicFairy

Marble Hornets Stamp by xioccolate

Bill Cipher Fan Button by sinh95

THAC/TroyHasACamera Stamp by Losjoy

Ticci Toby - free button by Akito0405

Skully Journal Doll by yeIIer

Jay Journal Doll by yeIIer

Hoodie Journal Doll by yeIIer

Tim Journal Doll by yeIIer

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