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-Your name: LuminaraUnduli
-Best friend's Name?: AncileII 
-Your age?: 16
-Best friends Age?: 17
-How long have you known each other?: almost 1 year

-When did you meet?: In December
-How old were you both?: 16
-Where did you meet?: Internet
-How did you meet?: see above
-Did you get along instantly?: Yes :dream:
-If not, what happened and how did you fix it?:.
-Why do you feel you became best friends?: We share the same interests and care for each other
-You were instantly friends: Yes
-Your best friend knows every single one of your secrets: almost everything
-You think you know all their secrets: Idk but i let her have her privacy
-You believe that this person is the most loyal friend you have: yes
-You believe this friendship will last until the end of time: i hope so
-This person is the most supportive person you know: yes.
-This person is the one you call when you have a problem: yess
-You have slept with person: no. gross. But a sleepover
-This person is/was/will be your best man/maid of honor: yEs ouo
-There is nothing you do not know about this person: uHH

Well, let's test your knowledge! (these are all questions about your best friend) !

-Eye Color: Blue
-Hair color: blond
-Hair style: a little wavy
-Height: 5'6 i think
-Weight: i don't care
-Shoe size: 
-Number of piercings: 0
-Number of tattoos: 0
-Favorite Color: Blue
-Favorite TV show: Heute-Show
-Favorite Movie: Star WArs
-Favorite pair of shoes: she always wears the pretty blue ones *_*
-Favorite food: Noodles, potatos
-Favorite animal: Dog, wolf?
-Favorite restaurant: uH
-Favorite Band: uff she listens to stuff on youtube
-Favorite Song: idk
-Favorite Genre of music: Pop, Rock everything except for Rap and Schlager
-Favorite perfume/cologne: I don't think she uses that
-Favorite non-alcoholic drink:water
-Favorite Alcoholic drink: she likes wine
-Favorite city: iDK maybe the one she lives in?
-Who does he/she live with: her family
-What kind of car does your best friend drive: none yet
-AIM/MSN/ICQ Name/Number: as if i tell you
-Parent's Name(s): not your business
-Siblings names: MMMM i donT tell you ahah
-Pet's names: Hanging ear?
-Bedroom colors: wHITE I THINK?
-First boyfriend/girlfriend: never had any
-First school attended: primary school


-What is your best friend's religion?: Christian
-Do you practice it also?: yes
-Do you agree with it?: ya
-Do you argue about it?: nope


-Has this person met your significant other?: I'm hers
-Do they get along or would they get along?: i think they would
-Do they consider each other friends?: idk
-Have you met your best friend's significant other?: nop
-Do you get along?: 
-Do you consider his/her bf/gf your friend, too?: nop
-How many relationships has your best friend been through since you have known him/her?: none
-Are you their "crying shoulder" when something goes wrong?: nop

Totally Random stuff no-one asks about your friend!

-Weirdest gift you have received from your friend?: my birthday is yet to come
-Weirdest gift you bought for your friend?: idk
-When was your first sleepover?: 2 months ago
-What did you do?: watched TV
-Have you been intoxicated or otherwise under the influence together?: no
-Does your friend smoke?: no
-Does your friend drink often?: no
-Has your best friend seen you naked?: no
-Have you ever been to the doctor together?: no
-Do you think you could live together?: yes :3c
-Why/Why not?: because.
-What thing does your best friend most often say?: "believe in yourself"
-What thing does your best friend do that irritates you most?: 

Nearing the end...

-Did you have fun?: ye
-Did you get stumped?: no
-Do you think your best friend will do this for you?: mayBE
  • Listening to: Dead Silence Soundtrack
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: coke


LuminaraUnduli's Profile Picture
My Name is Lia. I'm 16, a huge Alice Cooper and Suprnatural fan. I also like Horror stuff such as Marble Hornets and Creepypasta.

Tim Stamp by MetamorphicFairy

Marble Hornets Stamp by xioccolate

Bill Cipher Fan Button by sinh95

THAC/TroyHasACamera Stamp by Losjoy

Ticci Toby - free pagedoll by Akito0405

Skully Journal Doll by yeIIer

Jay Journal Doll by yeIIer

Hoodie Journal Doll by yeIIer

Tim Journal Doll by yeIIer

Masky Dance Icon by yeIIer

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